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During college, I didn't really have too much time to play games because 1) classes and work and 2) I was in the U.S. and all of my consoles and games were all half a world away, back at home in Shanghai. Possibly sensing my withdrawal and taking pity on me, my super awesome, generous cousin graciously allowed me to borrow her Nintendo 3DS and play her games, Fire Emblem: Awakening being one of them. In addition, I was also more inclined to play it because of my best friend... who also inspired me to tackle Lunatic/Lunatic+ mode, so take from that what you will, haha.

In any case, as soon as Gaius made his appearance in Chapter 6, I was pretty much sold. I've always been partial to the rogues and speedy characters in any party, but I found myself enjoying how dynamic his personality could be. One moment he's serious and the next he's acting like a complete dork for sugar. Later, it soon became clear to me that he kicks ass and is godlike on the battlefield. Seriously. He never dies. Ever!

While I really enjoy him as a character, what compelled me to actually create a site for him was the desire to get back into web design and making fansites. I wasn't planning to apply for his fanlisting, but as I did more research and wrote more about Gaius, I found myself liking him more and more. Eventually, I knew I'd regret it if I didn't press the matter and, thus, I sent in the application.

On January 15th, 2016, I was approved for the fanlisting and the site was finally opened on February 14th, 2016—that's right, Valentine's Day!—which is pretty fitting considering half of the game is all about finding that right romance. Many thanks to Jackie and Annikins for the approval!


To be honest, I'm truly terrible when it comes to titling things. For Gaius, I wanted to reference his clear love of sugar, but I also wanted to touch upon the less savory (ha!) aspects of his personality—that he is a rogue, a man who is battle-tested and who has spent the majority of his life in poverty.

Annnddd maybe I was inspired after watching an old clip of The Powerpuff Girls. Maaaayyyybbeeee...


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