Fire Emblem: Awakening

The thirteenth installment

Armies Clash as the World Burns
As an inevitable war draws ever closer, you must stand with Chrom and his forces—knights, mages, archers, and more—commanding them against the armies of kingdoms, empires, and the dead themselves.

Created by Intelligence Systems and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo 3DS in 2013, Fire Emblem: Awakening follows the story of Chrom, the royal prince of Ylisse, and the Shepherds, an army consisting of characters of all professions, backgrounds and personalities. Together, they fight to beat back the growing darkness that threatens not only Ylisse, but the rest of the world.

In the midst of all this is the Avatarmaster of all four elements a character designed and controlled by you, the player—who has lost their memory and is discovered by Chrom and his companions. Despite their mysterious appearance and questionable history, they nevertheless prove to be an invaluable asset to the Shepherds as their tactician.

As the thirteenth installment of the popular franchise, Fire Emblem: Awakening continues the turn-based tactical gameplay of its predecessors. Similarly, players can explore the relationships between characters via the game's support system and, should they desire, also romance a character of their choosing!

I love this game to bits and have enjoyed challenging myself through the different game modes. My only real gripe with the game is the zero opportunity for same-sex pairings. I understand that a ton of time goes into writing and translating the different support conversations between characters, but... ugh. As a bisexual woman myself, it's a bit tiring for me to always have to play a male Avatar when I want to romance a female character. Or vice versa. It's been a struggle for me since the ye olde Harvest Moon games, but I feel it especially in Awakening as I found the female Avatar (and the female Morgan) to be a lot more lively and dynamic when interacting with the other characters.

Nevertheless, despite this flaw, I would still highly recommend it. This was the game that prompted me to get my own Nintendo 3DS. It's a fantastic game with a well-told story and engaging gameplay, so if you get the chance, definitely pick it up!

Fine then, I'll prove my sincerity...

if you sweeten the deal.

Name: Gaius (ガイア, "Gaia" or Guire)
Nickname(s): Sticky-Fingers Gaius, Gaius Nimble Fingers, Gaius the Nimble, Honest Gaius, Booger Brain, scoundrel, Chuckles
Gender: Male
Birthday: January 2
Home: Ylisse
Starting Class: Thief
Skill: Locktouch
Voice Actor: Shinobu Matsumoto (Japanese), Gideon Emery (English)
A cool and capable Ylissean thief who will take any job for the right price. He is absolutely obsessed with sweets and hides 50 varieties of "emergency snacks" in his cloak. The most frequent nosebleeder. Born on January 2nd.
Barracks: Roster Profile
A thief hailing from Ylisse, Gaius was hired by Validar to rob the palace treasury, unaware that the villain's real intention was to slay the exalt, Emmeryn. He can be recruited during Chapter 6: Forseer by talking to him with Chrom.